Something feels sharp, I think it’s the…

… end of the archwire

Long WireWaxLong Wire Wax

As your teeth straighten the wire can extend through the back of the last bracket and feel sharp. Call to make an appointment as this excess wire needs to be trimmed. Meanwhile try to cover the wire with something to allow temporary relief, for example small piece of wax, cotton wool, sugar free chewing gum or plumbers tape.

… archwire thats coming out of the bracket

Wire out of molar, too shortWire out of molar, too long

The flexible titanium wires that we use can sometimes be flexed while eating and pull out of the last bracket. The wire will need to be reinserted so please contact us to make an appointment or we can explain how you can get the wire back in yourself. Meanwhile see if you can position the loose wire under the bracket on the gum side and cover it with wax or similar so that it does not annoy you.

… ligature

Sharp LigatureWax

The fine wires sometimes used around the brackets may move when eating and begin to bother your cheek. These can usually be redirected away from the soft tissue by carefully using tweezers or the rubber on the end of a pencil. If you can’t get it comfortable contact us to make an appointment. Meanwhile you can cover the wire with something that allows for temporary relieve such as a small piece of wax, cotton wool, sugar free chewing gum or plumbers tape.

… brackets feeling rough

General DiscomfortWax

The brackets are made as flat and smooth as possible but the mouth is delicate and initially things can feel sharp and the lips, cheeks or tongue can become irritated. This is most common initially when your mouth is getting used to braces, however it can occur at any time during treatment. Generally covering the bracket that is irritating you for a couple of days will be enough to resolve the discomfort. 

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