I have lost my....

… appointment details

You will need to contact us on 9499 7622.

… retainer or appliance

Orthodontic Retainer

Once you have had a good look and determined it is really gone :-( contact our rooms on 9499 7622 to make appointments so a new retainer or appliance can be made.

… retainer wire

Broken retainer WireBroken retainer wire

Contact us on 9499 7622 to let us know and we will work out a solution, in the mean time please wear your retainer full time, other then when eating.

… aligner (Invisalign®)

InvisalignAligner ChewiesInvisalign AlignerInvisalign aligner and Chewie

Try to move to the next aligner. This may be tight if you had only just started on the one that has gone missing. It is important that you use your chewies to completely seat the aligner. Contact us on 9499 7622 to let us know what has happened and make an appointment if you need help.

… rapid palatal expander (RPE) spanner

RPE Spanner

Contact us and we can order another one for you.

… separators

Orthodontic Separators

Contact us to let us know and we will work out a solution.

… elastics

Orthodontic Elastics

Drop in and pick up a packet or contact us and we can post them to you.

… elastic pattern

Contact us and we can tell you where to place your elastics over the phone, once you know which pattern you are using you can see how it looks below

Elastics 3/3-4Elastics 3/3-6Elastics 3/6Elastics 6/3Elastics 3-6/3-6

           3/3-4              3/3-6                3/6                  6/3              3-6/3-6 

Please feel free to contact us on 9499 7622