I have forgotten…

... the instructions given to me

Contact the rooms and we can arrange for another copy of the instructions to be sent to you

... my appointment time

Please contact us.

… to activate my rapid palatal expander (RPE)

RPEBand LooseRPE/Herbst

That’s okay, just resume the activation program that Dr Nash explained at the last visit.  Don’t do extra turns to catch up, we will be able to check it at your next appointment.

… to wear my retainer

You may find when you try your retainer in after a break that it feels very tight as your teeth may have moved slightly. You will need to fully seat the retainer (biting on a clean eraser can ensure it is in completely). You will need to leave it in for an extended period, 12-48 hours, and then resume normal nightly wear. It is important to regularly wear the retainer as without it the teeth have the potential to become crooked again.

… to wear my aligners (Invisalign®)

InvisalignAligner ChewiesInvisalign AlignerInvisalign aligner and Chewie

Put your aligners in, they may be tight so use your chewie to completely seat them. Contact us to make an appointment and bring in your last aligners so we can check things for you.

... to wear my elastics

Resume wear in the pattern described to you and drawn on your elastic packet. The elastics are causing special movements of your teeth that we can’t easily achieve by other means so we are depending on you to wear them to achieve the best result possible. 

... my elastic pattern

Elastics 3/3-4Elastics 3/3-6Elastics 3/6Elastics 6/3Elastics 3-6/3-6

         3/3-4              3/3-6                3/6                  6/3              3-6/3-6 

Contact the rooms and we can describe your pattern over the phone 

Please feel free to contact us on 9499 7622