The dog ate my retainer… :-(

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Care instructions for your Orthodontic Retainer

• Always brush and floss your teeth before wearing your retainer. Trapping food and plaque under the retainer is unhealthy.

• Clean your retainer after use. First rinse it with cold water and then give it a brush, inside and out, with a soft toothbrush. Do NOT use hot or boiling water.

• You may use a small amount of toothpaste to clean it. If your retainer begins to discolour, use a solution of 1 part vinegar and 3 parts water. Soak your retainer in this solution for a couple of hours then brush while deposits are softened.

• Keep your retainer in the case provided, dry and safe when not in your mouth. They are hard to see and can end up in the wash or bin. 

• Pets love to chew them so it's a good idea to keep the case closed and out of reach.

• Never insert your retainer while lying on your back. It should only be inserted in the sitting or standing position.

• Your retainer should be removed before eating or drinking, unless we have indicated otherwise.

• Call us immediately if something doesn't feel right with your retainer, OR if you lose it.

REMEMBER: the retention phase of treatment is very important and to maintain your teeth you need to wear your retainer every night!