Something feels broken, I think it’s the…

… Bracket

Broken Bracket CeramicBroken Bracket MetalBroken Orthodontic BracketBroken Bracket

If a bracket comes off a tooth keep the bracket and contact us to make an appointment to reattach it. If the bracket is still on the wire use some wax to hold it steady so it does not bother you. If the bracket comes off the wire, bring it with you to your appointment.

… wire

Broken WireBroken Orthodontic Wire

If the archwire breaks you will need to contact us to make another appointment to have it replaced.

… appliance (e.g. RPE, Herbst, or habbit device)

RPE/HerbstRPEBand LoosePalatal Arch

If your appliance seems broken contact us to make an appointment. Make sure that you bring the appliance with you to the appointment.

… attatchments or aligner for Invisalign®

InvisalignAligner ChewiesInvisalign AlignerInvisalign aligner and Chewie

Invisalign attatchments - Contact us as soon as possible for an appointment so that the attachments can be replaced.

Invisalign aligner - If the aligner you are wearing cracks within seven days of full time use contact us to let us know what is happening. If it is after seven days of use you can try to move onto the next aligner ensuring that you use the chewies and the aligner is well seated.

… retainer

Orthodontic Retainer

You will need to contact us for an appointment so that a new retainer can be made. If your retainer is still wearable you can keep wearing it during this time.

… retainer wire

Broken retainer WireBroken retainer wire

If your retainer wire breaks call to make an appointment. Meanwhile you may be able to wear your night time retainer over the top to prevent your teeth from moving and make things more comfortable.

Please feel free to contact us on 9499 7622